• The Alpha Dog

    My Mardi Gras Bead Dog, part of a public art project I participated in, was just installed in front of the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas today! I could not be more excited! He's right in front of the entrance and will be until May or June when he will go to auction to help raise money for the LASPCA. Nola.com sponsored my dog and allowed me to bring my idea to life. I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

    For more information on this amazing project:

  • New Commission Work

    I was recently commissioned to do a piece for the new Wild Lotus Yoga location down at the healing and wellness center in the bywater. The big reveal will be this Saturday night! Hope to see you there :)


    I'll be out all weekend! Come see me and support local artists both of the painting and musical variety!

  • 12/13/10 - Featured on uptownmessenger.com

    Freretstivus was a lot of fun this weekend! Thanks to everyone that came out. I was featured on uptownmessenger.com yesterday. Here's the link:


    All the face painting you see was done by yours truly!

  • Freretstivus this Saturday

    There are lots of fun things planned for this market with 140 vendors! As always, they will have their traditional Freretstivus pole, the airing of grievances and regifting booths. They will be awarding Freret Market money to whomever wins the ‘feats of strength’ competition. The Feats of Strength competition will be judged by how many Big Easy Rollergirls you can pull on a rope for 20 feet! Trust me, it is WAY harder than it sounds!

    In addition to all the fun and games surrounding the Freretstivus market, there’s a fantastic musical lineup!

    Music on the main stage by:

    DeBauche at Noon

    Billy Iuso at 1:45

    3 Piece Spicy at 3:30

    Music on the Jena/Brass Band Stage by:

    The Help at Noon

    Free Agents Brass Band 1:45

    Treme Brass Band 3:30

    For all you New Orleanians who lived here in the 80s, and can remember the 80s, we are pleased to welcome Barbara Menendez (formerly of The Cold) with her new band The Help! Please post the attached flier wherever you think potential customers may see it.

    The market is pulling out all the stops to encourage the public to shop locally this holiday season. Please help spread the word that $1 spent on a local product helps our community more than $1 spent on a ‘big box’ item. You can help by continuing to make your high quality merchandise and spread the information about this market to everyone you know! Post the information on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social media network you use!!

  • Art for Sale!

    I'll be out at both December Freret markets; this Saturday, December 4th and for the special holiday market on December 11th, "Freretstivus!"

    Local art makes for a unique and heartfelt gift for the holidays. Come and support your city's artists!